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MIVA Merchant 5 Shopping Cart Software :: What's New in v5?

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New Features in MIVA Merchant 5

Store Design Controls with Store Morph Technology™

Store Morph Technology provides complete control over the look of your store with customizable page templates. Display what you need; hide what you don't. Place buttons, product displays and category lists where you need them. It's all up to you.

Version Histories

Many features that support store customization save each update in version history. This gives you the freedom to play and experiment with designs, or save a collections of themes, with the security of knowing you can revert to any other version.

Redesigned Administration Interface

The MIVA Merchant administration interface you've grown to know and love is now better than ever. We've redesigned it with a whole new color scheme, simpler navigation controls, updated wizards, and new functionality.

Attributes with Weight

Some product attribute options may weigh more than the base product. In MIVA Merchant 5, you can account for those changes. With new weight controls on attributes, all attribute prompts and options can have an individual weight that is added to the base product weight. So now your "buy in bulk" option can weigh 5 pounds more, ensuring proper shipping calculation.

Import Customers and Categories

Flat-file import for products is a very helpful utility. MIVA Merchant 5 now adds to that functionality with both customer and category import modules. Quickly build your list of customers, or organize your product catalog.

Automatic Updates

Gone are the days of manual module updates and frequent software upgrades. We've implemented a new software update server that streams module updates and new product features directly into your MIVA Merchant 5 administration.

Multiple Database Formats

The power of SQL: now supported by MIVA Merchant 5. Multiple database access schemes are now available. Choose from the new MIVA-SQL format for standard installations, or connect your store with a MySQL (Native) database.

Smart Commerce Libraries

New smart commerce library detection in MIVA Merchant 5 makes it easier than ever to see which payment and shipping modules are supported by your web host's server. If a certain commerce library is not available, its respective module will not be displayed as available.

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