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Miva Fresh Online Demo

MIVA Merchant 5 Administration Interface

Demo URL:

This demo has a pre-configured 'demo' login for you to use in touring through the MIVA Merchant 5 Administration System. Just click the 'Login' button in the login form of the front screen to get started.

The system's administration interface is made up of a blue header bar with relevant links, a grey navigation bar on the left with links to all of the administration controls, and a main 'Data Entry Area' at right. As a 'demo' store manager, you'll be able to see all of the data and configurations of the MIVA Fresh demo.

MIVA Merchant 5 Shopping Interface

Demo URL:

MIVA Fresh is an imaginary online storefront that demonstrates one possible implementation of the MIVA Merchant 5 Storefront Development and Management System.

The demo store contains 154 product records distributed among 18 different fresh produce categories. Some contain more items than others. Product listings in each category contain thumbnail images of the products, and link to product display screens that show a larger image of the product along with description, pricing, and weight information.

Each product listing in the categories, search query result screens, or otherwise, contains a hyperlink to the product's display screen, name, and price along with an 'Add One to Basket' and a 'Buy One Now' option. Clicking on any 'Buy One Now' option for a given product will take the shopper directly to checkout with a new shopping basket automatically filled with a quantity of one of the product in question. In the case where the shopper has already added items to a shopping basket when clicking 'Buy One Now', the item will be added to the shopping basket and immediately take the shopper to checkout.

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