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Drag and Drop Site Creator

The Drag and Drop Site Creator software is web-based solution for creating your web site through an easy, "drag and drop" interface. This is great for novice users that do not want to learn how to write code or purchase expensive software to do it for them.

To activate the Drag and Drop Site Creator software on your web hosting account, please open a support ticket or contact our support department to request that this software is added to your account.

For more information on how to use the Drag and Drop Site Creator software, please login using the information provided and view the online tutorial that is available.

Power Tools

The Power Tools are PHP applications that can be easily installed through the Site Administrator control panel. Many applications are available, including WordPress blogging software, phpBB forum software, Form processing software, Content Management Systems (CMS), osCommerce shopping cart software, and much more.

To access the Power Tools, login at (replace with your domain name) and then click Power Tools on the left menu.

For more information on how to use the control panel, please login to your control panel and then click the Help link on the left menu.


Microsoft FrontPage is a software solution for creating web sites without needing to learn or write any code. If you are using this software to create your web site, you will need to request that the FrontPage Extensions are added to your web hosting account by opening a support ticket or contacting our support department.

HTML Editors

The best and most difficult way to create a web site is by writing the code yourself. This gives you more flexibility and control than you would have by using other methods, but it does take more time to learn and write the code. If you choose to write the code yourself, you will want to use HTML editor software to help write the code faster and more efficiently. After your web site has been created using this method, you will need to upload the files to your web hosting account using an FTP program.


To create a dynamic web site, process form data, store information in a database, or any other function that requires code to be ran on the server-side (HTML code is ran on the client-side), you will need to use programming languages such as PHP and Perl.

More information about PHP can be found at More information about Perl can be found at

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