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Reliable Business Web Hosting Services

DSL for Home, Small Business, and Gaming


Phastnet offers a complete line of DSL services throughout the U.S. and Canada for home, small business, and gaming users. Get our new PowerDSL and experience the Internet as it was meant to be!

As Low As $24.95/mo!

Phastnet PowerDSL

Maximize your speed and value

  • Fast - Provides the upload and download speeds you need to harness the power of the Internet. Graphical web pages and e-mail attachments download in seconds. Enjoy the advantage of having the lowest ping times in online games!
  • Reliable - Uptime and bandwidth guarantees keep your business online and productive.
  • Continuous - Supplies an always-on connection that does not tie up your phone lines.
  • Safe - Unlike a cable service where your computer is on a network of users, PowerDSL is a direct connection to your home or business.
  • Flexible - Easily add new services as you need them. Extra e-mail accounts, static IP addresses for hosting games or other applications, dial-up accounts, domain name registration, web site hosting services, and much more!
  • Shareable - Connect all of the computers in your home or office to the Internet at the same time.

Superior Customer Service

Free Live Customer and Technical Support Via Toll-Free Telephone and E-mail

  • All PowerDSL users have access to our toll-free customer service and award winning technical support facility any time of the day, any day of the year.

Unlike phone companies where Internet service is just another division and technical support is just another number on the phone tree, PowerDSL has only one focus: providing you with the services you need to maximize your productivity.

We strive to offer dependable access and our award winning support staff is always available to provide any assistance you need.

Can I Get Phastnet PowerDSL?

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 Speeds up to 7Mbps! 

Includes 5 e-mail accounts with free spam filtering and virus protection!

Available across the U.S. and Canada:
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Live Help


Our Customer Care Team is dedicated to providing unparalleled customer service. In the unlikely event that your web site or Internet connection should not be functioning properly, you can count on us to provide a speedy resolution. That's what it means to be a reliable web site host and Internet access provider.